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SkyConductor was developed with the goal, to create an affordable alternative to products already established on the market. More than this SkyConductor offers and extended set of features which makes it very easy to choreograph and plan firework shows. The cost for one SkyConductor licence can be devided into three parts: the first is the SkyConductor main program itselt, the second consists of many individually unlockable special features and the third part is any number of ignition system plugins which connects SkyConductor to the individual ignition systems.

Switching ignition systems

If you want to switch to a different ignition system with SkyConductor, just keep the main program and all your shows - you just have to select the other ignition system in the settings window and your ready to go. The only thing that you might have to change are the ignition addresses of your old shows - but hey, why don't you use the automatic assignment feature? Switching to another system of course requires that you own the corresponding ignition plugin which can be obtained either from the manufacturer of your ignition system or from SkyConductor SE directly.


Name Version  Retail price
(excl. tax) 
Retail price
(incl. tax) 

Main program
SkyConductor Pro (incl. aller unten aufgelisteten Upgrades und Hardware-Dongle)599 €712,81 €
SkyConductor-Dongle, notwendig für einzeln buchbare Upgrades49 €58,31 €

- Upgrades
Aufbauplanungs-Modul79 €94,01 €
Auto-Adressvergabe-Modul79 €94,01 €
Basispaket (u.A. Ketten und Preisberechnung)79 €94,01 €
Datenbank-Modul79 €94,01 €
DMX-Modul79 €94,01 €
Erweiterte Druckfunktionen79 €94,01 €
SMPTE (Timecode)-Modul79 €94,01 €
Wave-Editor-Modul79 €94,01 €

Ignition plugins
(Entwicklung eines kundenspezifischen Plugins)(N/A)(N/A)
Cobra-Plugin49 €58,31 €
Explo ignition system1.0.049 €58,31 €
FireOne/FireLight export plugin1.0.099 €117,81 €
Graffiti-CT ignition plugin1.0.049 €58,31 €
iCue ignition plugin1.1.599 €117,81 €
Pyroneo/SkyDirector-Plugin0 €0 €
Pyrosure-Plugin49 €58,31 €
PyroTronix PTX800-Plugin1.0.049 €58,31 €
TCP Control plugin1.0.049 €58,31 €

Responsible for all content: SkyConductor software development • Owner: Tobias Hagemeier • Talblick 22 • 42719 Solingen • Germany • Contact